Annual Ebira Carnival (6th Edition) Holds 25th – 26th December, 2016

The 2014 edition of the Annual Ebira Carnival comes will hold the 26th and 27th of December, 2014.

The event showcase the rich cultural heritage of the good people of Ebiraland, featuring mountain hiking/picnic, carnival parade with various culture of Anebira such as the Rambo dancer, asamakuru, Ogugu, Echeori, Eku oba, Onoku, Enya ohu,akatapa, ojuju carava, agadagidi, Uneme dancers, with the contemporary carnival procession.

The climax of this year event is the continue exposure of our heritage site and tourist centre,with the adoption of an ancient site at Ukowa, Okene Eba as the picnic venue.

The introduction of the carnival village is another addition at the picnic venue to depicts the ancient Anebira way of life, the kids will also be entertained with bouncing castles and other games.

The grand command reception venue will play host to all Anebira who might not be opportune to go along with the parade, at the venue, the immobile culture will be displayed, Ozomeche dancers, the Echu ozoku, Agidigbo and others will be on hand to entertain.

This year carnival will also boost of an exhibition of our woven cloths and furnitures made of our clothing for sales.

The Ebira kitchen will be more robust to feed as many as we can with Anebira delicacies like Apapa, Apapapa, Eeya, Ove, Ochoku, Uzzi and soup like Epi ezza, epi gorigo, odankwekwe, Ebatu to go with the pounded yam.

This year carnival promise to be bigger and better like never before.

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